Mayon Monte Vista Homes is a corporation organized under Philippine laws with SEC Registration No. CS-201232496 dated September 4, 2012.

Mayon Monte Vista Homes Inc. team of experienced professionals can and will process, develop, manage and sell realty development projects, such as open market residential projects, condominium projects, socialized housing project, medium scale housing projects, in consonance with Rep. Act No. 7279 otherwise known as “AN ACT PROVIDING FOR A COMPREHENSIVE AND CONTINUING URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING PROGRAMS” OR THE URBAN DEVELOPMENT ACT OF 1992” which in many cases include several of the following steps:

  1. Acquisition of raw lands, titled or untitled;
  2. Designing a land plan for the realty that is marketable land appropriate for the community;
  3. Manage the project thru legal process, including the processing of development plans, plan amendments, zoning classification, and procurement of the required local and national permits and clearances.
  4. Engaged in subcontracting of the construction development of the dwelling units, edifices and structures for each project;
  5. Working with all parties who might be interest in the project, and other forms of financing offered by the government and private entities to ensure a favourable and effective outcome for both the project and the local community;
  6. Re-designing entitled projects, that in so doing will create a substantial increment in the value of the property and or project;
  7. Constructing infrastructure projects, such as sewers, water drainage, street, recreational areas in order to place the project at the most advantage position for sale;
  8. Marketing and selling the dwelling units to both commercial builders and end-users;
  9. Post monitoring of the projects after sale to conform with the strict standards as stated in the contract of sale to ensure continuous compliance with standards.


MAYON MONTE VISTA HOMES INC. is a full service development company engaged in creating quality developments.  The company purchase the property from its owners, process its transfer, convert the classification of the property, develop and sell the units ( House and Lot) to end-users.  In this instance the company receives all of the increments and value that is added thru the entitlement and development process.  It may at its option inter into a joint venture with landowners, and investors thru a structure called Development Services Agreement, and other agreements with a party.


In 2011, the incorporators armed with resources have decided to engage in realty development, organize a realty corporation sharing their resources, and expertise, which will provide the local community, and realize their dream of owning developing residential properties strategically situated in flood free zones.


Due to the rising demand for housing, the company invested in a raw land, situated at Barangay Taysan, Legazpi City known as Lot No. 10043-A-2 with an area of 44,653 sq. m. having under the require DAR Conversion Proceeding before it was acquired by the company, and in consideration thereof, the Board have decided to introduce the full development of the property which yielded 266 saleable lots as per the locational clearance approved by the LGU.  This project is a middle economic housing in classification, which is slated to the in full swing land development and housing construction on the first quarter of 2013.

The company have a counterpart socialized housing project to be development at Maslog Legazpi City consisting of 33,667 square meters another 20 hectares high end project for future development.


Corporate governance refers to the activities of the Board of Directors, and takes into account the role of the corporation’s executive officers who are appointed by the  board, and are charged with the ongoing management of the corporation for the attainment of the best interest, and ultimate objective of the corporation.


The Board of Directors oversees the management of the affairs of the corporation directly thru their standing board.  The responsibilities of the board are set as follows:

  1. Overseeing the corporation’s over-all long term strategic planning process, and reviewing and approving its annual business plan;
  2. Assessing the principal risks of the corporation’s business, reviewing, approving and monitoring the procedures in place to manage these risks;
  3. Reviewing major strategy or moves to determine whether the company’s action is in accordance with the long term strategy
  4. Appointing the President/Manager as the Chief Executive Officer, overseeing the selection of other members of the senior management;
  5. Assessing management’s performance against approved business plan;
  6. Promoting the effective operation of the Board;
  7. Safeguarding the company’s equity, and  interests thru the maximum utilization of the company’s capital resources.


The President/Manager may meet as often as possible, possibly on a bi-monthly basis, to update the Manager of the status, and accomplishment of each division, and in order to insure the timely compliance with the legal requirements in connection with the operation, administration and reporting of the on-going projects, and providing an opportunity for discussion, and management presentations on selected topics of interest.


The Board of Directors has created three (3) committees to assist the effective functioning of the Board, and help ensure that the view of the managing directors are effectively presented, namely:

  1. The Selection Board or Committee – This committee is the Governance, Nominating, Management Resource, and Compensation Committee, all incorporated in this Board.
    1. To review the effectiveness of the Board’s operation and its relations with management
    2. To review the corporations declaration of corporate governance
    3. To review the credentials of proposed nominees for election or nomination for Board membership, and management. Candidates are assessed on the basis of appropriate mix of talents, qualifications, and skills necessary to promote the sound governance, Board, and Management Effectiveness;
    4. To assure that the work load of its directors are balanced;
    5. To bring about changes to enable the corporation to perform satisfactorily in the event management/division officer are found to be inadequate;
    6. To evaluate the quality, completeness, and timelines of information provided by the Division Officers, thru the Manager
  2. The Audit Board or Committee– this committee is responsible for monitoring the corporation’s systems and procedures for financial reporting, risk management, internal controls, and the performance of the company’s external and internal auditors;
    1. To review certain public disclosure documents prior to their approval by the Board of Directors, and release to the public ( includes financial statements, management’s discussion and analysis)
    2. To recommend the appointment of external auditor of the corporation
    3. To approve the assignment of any non-audit work to be performed by the external auditor ( includes the employment or contract to assist the company on taxation matters)
    4. To meet the external and internal auditors without management present to discuss and review specific issues as appropriate
    5. To receive as the only compensation from the company, their director’s  fees.
    6. To disclose to the company any of its affiliation with any professional, or employment relationships to the Selection Board, in order to determine whether their affiliation or association will affect the independent status of the director
  3. The Legal Committee/CorporateSecretary – The corporate Secretary is in charge of keeping and safeguarding the stockholdings (shares of stocks) SEC relevant documents of the corporation.
    1. To issue certificate of shares of stock to stockholders
    2. To cancel and transfer certificate of stocks or shareholdings of present stockholders to new stockholders
    3. To prepare compliance report to the Securities and Exchange Commission
    4. To attend to every regular and annual stockholder’s meeting
    5. To present the agenda or matters for discussion in every stockholder’s meeting
    6. To record the proceedings of each and every stockholder’s meeting
    7. To prepare the report of each meeting, and prepare each and every board resolution adopted
    8. To distribute to each director and or stockholders the recommendation, resolutions to be adopted by the company and its management
    9. To pay the directors their corresponding fees in every regular and annual stockholder’s meeting
    10. To send survey to directors regarding the effectiveness of the Board and its committees, and self-assessment surveys to directors for their completion (For use of Chairman of the Board)


The chairman of the board manages, the business of the board, and ensures that the functions identified in tis charter are bieng carried out effectively by the committee.

  1. To prepare / finalize the agenda for each board meeting in consultation with the President/Manager in order to ensure that management and its Division Officers receive the information required to perform their duties;
  2. To ensure an appropriate committee structure, and making initial recommendations for committee appointment;
  3. To ensure that an appropriate system or procedure is in place to evaluate the performance of the Board as a whole
  4. To work with the President/Manager and Division Officers to monitor progress on strategic planning, policy implementation and succession planning


The President/Manager, as the Chief Executive Office, provides leadership to the corporation and subject to approved directives, and policies from the Board, manages the business and affairs of the corporation, and oversees the execution of its strategic plan.

  1. He is responsible for presenting to the Board for approval of the annual strategic plan
  2. He is responsible for presenting to the Board for approval the capital and operating plans to implement approved strategies on an on-going business
  3. He acts as the primary spokesman for the corporation
  4. He presents to the Board for approval an annual assessment of Division officers and succession plans
  5. He recommends the appointment or termination of any division officers of the corporation
  6. He coordinates with the Division Officers in ensuring that controls and procedures are in plance and accurate to maintain the corporation’s financial reporting and public disclosures.


The Division Officers are those belonging to the Operation and Administrative Division, referring to the Finance Officer, Accounting Officer, Admin and Legal Office, Marketing Office, Realty Development Officer,  purchasing Officer, Financial Management Services Officer, Credit and Collection Officer that may be appointed by the Board as the company progress and branch out.

The responsibility of the Division Officers includes safeguarding the company’s assets and creating long term value to the company

  1. To conduct the affairs of the corporation within the terms of the plan, knowing that it has the necessary Board support, and in accordance with the standard operating procedure the company is using;
  2. To report to the President/Manager any deviations from the annual business plan, which in turn shall be reported to the Board for consideration
  3. To maintain an approved client-prospect relations program to respond to inquiries in a timely manner
  4. To maintain an approved media relation program to ensure that the public is kept informed of the developments, future projects of the corporation
  5. To assign tasks, and job descriptions to their respective staff and personnel
  6. To ensure that the reports required by the Board and President are meet ahead of schedule
  7. To evaluate the performance of the personnel under their respective department
  8. To ensure that the company’s strategic plans are carried out effectively in their respective departments
  9. To make suggestions/recommendations to the President/manager when necessary for the more effective implementation of the works and tasks assigned to the division as against strategic plan


This rule applies to the directors, officers, and employees of the Mayon Monte Vista Homes Inc. and its future subsidiaries.  Additional rules for future subsidiaries of the company may aid this code as long as the provisions of such supplemental code do not conflict with this code

It shall be the policy of the company that all activities should be conducted with the highest standards of honesty and integrity, and in compliance with all existing legal and regulatory requirements.  In all aspects as a director, officer or employee of the company, you may represent the company in your dealings with others, whether they be other directors, employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, local and national government or the public in general.

It is expected that as part of the company either as director, officer or employee to conduct dealing on behalf of the company in accordance with this policy. Thus the Board of Directors of this company has endorsed this Code of Conduct, which has to be followed by everybody in the company.

As part of the company, when acting on its behalf, you are expected to:

  1. Use to company assets for the purpose of fulfilling your corporate responsibilities
  2. To use the company’s means of communication appropriately and properly
  3. Not to speak on behalf of the company unless authorized to do so
  4. To avoid situations in which your personal interest conflicts or might appear to conflict with the interest of the company
  5. To exhibit only proper personal behaviour, both inside and outside of work that reinforces a positive public image of the company
  6. To obtain permission before joining the Board of Directors of another company
  7. Not to make personal opportunities that are discovered through the information obtained from the company or through your role with the company
  8. To protect the confidentiality of non-public information about the company, about the customers, and several other things confined to the company only
  9. To ensure that the books and records of the company are complete and accurate in all aspects
  10. To ensure that all business transactions are authorized
  11. To see to it that the company provides fair and accurate public disclosure
  12. To investigate and report any accounting, auditing and disclosure concerns
  13. To be committed in creating a tolerant work environment free from discrimination and harassment, and in ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the follow directors, officers or employees.
  14. To know and comply with all laws and regulations applicable to ones position in the company
  15. To use your best judgment in giving and receiving gifts, and to do so only in limited and exceptional circumstances.
  16. Not to solicit donations from vendors in a manner which connoted that compliance is a pre-requisite for future company business
  17. Not to make promises or offer gifts, either in cash or in kind, directly or indirectly to government offices and officials to obtain a favour or secure an advantage.
  18. Not to offer contributions or benefits to political parties that might influence a business decision, without appropriate approvals.